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METAL ENCLOSURES FOR TRANSFORMERSmetal enclosures for transformers

The enclosures of the MBT series are made of epoxy-painted 15/10
steel with a special peeled treatment that makes the paint more
resistant to skretches and dents.
The cooling slots placed on the front and sides allow an adequate
dissipation of the overtemperatures generated by the electrical
components installed inside.
Using the slots on the back or bottom you can install the product both
on the floor and on the wall. In any case, you can remove both the lid
and the side flange without removing the box fastening.
The bottom of the box is raised by ca. 1.5 cm to allow the fixing of
elements on the bottom itself using bolts screwed from the bottom while keeping the support of the side flange
unchanged. The same is done for the vertical background panel.
The lid on demand is dismantled to avoid stagnation of liquids.

Protection: IP23
Epoxy painted RAL7035b
Cooling slots
Holes for cable glands on the side
Floor and wall mounting fixing centers
drawing for metal enclosures for transformers

part no. Dimensions mm. weight kg
MBT01 280X220X220 3
MBT02 310X220X280 4