DQ61 – Temperature monitoring unit for transformers

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DQ61 device is a temperature controller specifically designed in for electrical machinery such as transformers, motors, generators.
DQ61 protects the machine when overload can lead to a rise in temperature of the windings. Moreover, it controls the fans to maintain the temperature of the machine and preserve the normal working.
The DQ61 detects alarm conditions and intervenes commanding the detachment of the transformer before they come to a dangerous situation.
A self-diagnostic system continuously monitors the status of the temperature sensors and of the internal system, reporting potential anomalies. It can handle up to four temperature sensors Pt100 and three alarm stages.
The model DQ61 is a front panel mountable, with overall dimensions of 96x96mm, 115mm depth.
An OLED high contrast graphic display allows the simultaneous visualisation of the four temperatures monitored and of the alarms.
The scrolling menu helps and guides the parameters programming with clear messages, in the language selected by the operator.




  • Universal Power supply < 7VA: 90-240Vac ±10% 47-63Hz, 120-350Vdc, 16-26Vdc/ac
  • Available inputs N°4 RTD Pt100 – 3 wires
  • Cable lengts compensation Up to 500m (0.5 mm2)
  • External connections: Terminals wiring up to AWG 17 for Pt100, up to AWG14 for power and relays
  • Temperature range -20 … +200°C
  • Accuracy Better than 0,4°C ±1 digit
  • Output alarm relays N°2 SPDT 5A 250V for ALLARM and TRIP
  • Output Fan relay N°1 SPDT 5A 250V
  • Output Fault relay N°1 SPDT 5A 250V
  • Display Graphic OLED 2,4” 128×64 pixel
  • Keyboard Touch capacitive
  • Alarms signaling With 4 dedicated LED and text message on display
  • Menu language Italian, English, French, Espanol, more on request
  • Unit of measure °C or °F
  • Dimensions Front 96x96mm; depth 115mm
  • Mounting Front panel
  • Panel cut-out 90x90mm
  • Building according CE directives 2006/95/CEE (Lov Voltage) e 2004/108/CEE (EMC)
  • Protection against electrical noise EN61326-1
  • Dielectric strength 2500Vac for 1 minute
  • Isolation Better than 100MOhm at 500Vcc ground -other terminals
  • Frontal protection IP40, IP54 optional
  • Ambient operating temperature -20 … +60°C
  • Ambient operating humitity Max 90% no-condensing
  • MTBF Better than 100.000 hours
  • Data storage More than 10 years
  • Recorded data Each channel Max temperature;
  • Each alarm number of activactions
  • Remote control (optional) Optoisolated RS485, MODBUS RTU protocol
  • Self-diagnosis, with error signal on the FAULT relay.
  • Integrated counters (partial and total), for hours of work done.
  • Ability to schedule the regular switch-on of the fans from the service menu.
  • FCD function: ability to set an alarm if the temperature change is too fast (° C / s), from the service menu.
  • Ability to disable alarms activation for probes P1 P2 and P3 from the service menu.
  • Ability to disable alarm activation for probe P4 from user menu.