TMIB – SINGLE PHASE ISOLATION TRANSFORMERS for medical equipments supply from 0.3 to 2kVA

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TMIB isolation transformers have been designed to obtain the highest isolation from the electric network for the supply of medical devices, WITH AN EARTHED SCREEN between primary and secondary winding.

They are fitted with a 10A green led 2 poles circuit breaker on the front, while on the back side are placed all connectors, input IEC with 2 fuses, 8 output IEC sockets to EN60320-2 rated 10A each, output fuse protection. A proper connection cable is supplied.  Metal case IP21, painted RAL7032 with lifting handle. Higher ratings available on request.

  • installed in IP21 metal enclosure

  • ral7035 epoxy painted

  • lifting handles

  • 2-poles illuminated 10A rocker switch on front (automatic circuit breaker above 1.5kVA)

  • input plug to EN60320-1 with 2-poles input fuse

  • 2 nos. input time delay fuses according to the rating

  • thermal resettable protection against short circuit, in series with primary winding

  • isolation transformer with copper earthed screen

  • 8 output sockets (4 on 300VA model)  to EN60320-2 each max 10A (max current limited to max power of the unit)

  • extra auxiliary equipotential earth male connector

  • Output fuse according to rating

  • Rating plate, operating manual, CE certificate

  • 3000-4000VA models available (not complying with EN60601) with terminal blocks on input and output side, cables are to be provided at the place of the installation according to the requirements of the standards

sim-cesimbolo trasformatore isolamentoschema trasformatore isolamento sicurezza schermo

single phase isolation transformers for medical use single phase isolation transformers for medical use
single phase isolation transformers for medical use single phase isolation transformers for medical use
 RATED POWER 300VA 500VA 800VA 1000VA 1500VA 2000VA
 Input voltage 230V
 Output voltage 230V
 Frequency 50/60Hz
 Protection degree (transformer only) IP00
 Protection class I
 Isolation class F
 Winding isolation class F-H
 Ambient temperature 25°C
 Max temperature rise 80°C
 Max regulation at full load 3.5%
 Impedance V. % 5% max
 Efficiency > 97%
 Cooling AN
 Relative humidity 95%
 Altitude up to 2000m. without derating
 Applied standards EN61558-2-4 (CEI 96-8), EN60601-1
 Dimensions mm. 172x230x80 180x280x165 250x350x195
 Weight kg 3.5 10 12 13 18 20


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