Our TECHNICAL OFFICE supports customers from the first request of information, developing competently and efficiently to customer needs to develop the best technical proposal. Our product lends itself to many and high customization, it is essential to fully understand all the operational requirements transforming them into effective solutions and high-performances. The goal is to provide the customer with a technical and commercial solution within 24 hours from the request.


For all of us the service is much more than just a commitment. It’s a mission that, in the long run, gave us the loyalty and respect of all our customers that they can turn to us for all
requests related to purchased products or with the objective of future purchases.
It was with this goal that we set up a special e-mail address, offering technical support with great speed and efficiency, both within the warranty period, and for further requests. An ON SITE intervention of our technicians con be required2015 05 13 Certificato + sk dett  PC I 423

We ship products all over the world, so we have had extensive training in customer support at all stages of the expedition, from the management of shock-proof packaging, special packaging, shipping with PC I 423 Certificate + sk, urgent deliveries, tracking of deliveries, to offer customers a totally satisfactory experience and a guarantee of efficiency.

Based on the conviction that the quality objectives must be a priority for K-factor, wishing to ensure itself and its customers this commitment, K-factor has implemented a Quality System to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

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Our management deeply believes that this decision will lay the foundations to start a process of constant improvement of business performance, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction and its own internal structure.